Daley-Lavaux 2020- Villette Grand Cru -Lavaux A.O.C - Demeter

It has a new bottle look ... Classified Demeter, our historic chasselas is a beauty. And what's more, 2019 is an incerdibly generous vintage! We celebrated 2 years with DEMETER Label with a really succesfull year!


CHF 18.00

Wine is more than 2000 different molecules. The time has come to practice a more global oenology, far from current stereotypes, whose only goal is to save time (and money). Biodynamics exhales its perfumes, bringing us towards new horizons of tastes and emotions. With a vineyard rich of fauna and flora, the benefits of our Earth are more vibrant and abundant. The famous "terrain" receives honors far from the sanitized tastes of industrial winemaking. Our work is concentrated around 2-3% of the finished product; polyphenols, acids, aromatic molecules, antioxidants, anthocyanins. So many virtues that only wine brings together... a real rediscovery of the traditional chasselas, sensations guaranteed!

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Daley-Lavaux 2020, Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C, Demeter
  • Chasselas harvested between the 28.09.20 and 01.10.2020 ~85°Oe / 0.8 Kg/m2
  • Sulphites added: 3mg/lt.
Bottle of 750 ml.