Lady O - Muscaris Orange 2022 - Lavaux A.O.C - Villette Grand Cru - DEMETER - Pur Jus

Muscaris is one of 12 grape varieties on our estate. The vines are resistant to Downy Mildew and produce fleshy fruit with intensely colored skin, full of aromatic notes of muscat. Each grape contains a small amount of juice…far from our generous Chasselas variety.


CHF 29.00

2022 was a hot, dry year. Our harvest began much earlier than usual, almost in August which is unprecedented. Unprecedented is this cuvée, a result of a long, full cluster, carbonic maceration and an unhurried rest in the cellar before its release. Lady O has an incredibly rich, expressive profile and is absolutely delicious!

Full cluster Carbonic maceration has been a method in the winemaking arsenal since the beginning…(that would be a very long time ago, something like 6,000 years?). And it lost popularity to the point of almost disappearing since production has leaned more and more industrial. So, why not utilize this method of winemaking which gives pride of place to Nature and all its qualities!

An orange wine with beautiful presence of tannins from extended skin contact. There’s even a very wonderful, vegetal richness. It’s an ideal “pur jus” and is perfectly adapted to be aged. Cheers to your health!

Lady O, muscaris orange, Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C, Demeter, Pur Jus
  • Muscaris harvested 02.09.2022 100°Oe / 1 Kg/m2
  • Pur Jus – free of any additives or sulfites (contains only naturally-present, trace amounts of sulfites)

  • Bottles of 75cl, technical cork