Daley-Lavaux 2022- Villette Grand Cru -Lavaux A.O.C - Demeter

Welcome to the world of vins vivants, our living, vibrant and virtuous Chasselas! This 2022 vintage offers sun and heat with intense and colorful emotions.


CHF 19.00

Our grapes suffered a lot from the dryness of summer. Never before have such differences been observed from one vine to another and one parcel to another. The vineyard showed exceptional resilience to hold on, even to the point of extracting liquid from its own grapes to survive dehydration... Unheard of. Fortunately all was saved by the beneficial rains on the last days of August. The 2022 harvest is ultimately the most beautiful of my career. Packed with emotions, pride of place and resilience, this “Pur Jus” wine is free of any additives or sulfites. Daley-Lavaux is a unique reflection of the incredible adventures of a climatic year of a whole new kind!

Daley-Lavaux 2022, Villette Grand Cru, Lavaux A.O.C, Certified Biodynamic (Demeter)
  • Chasselas harvested between the 13.09.22 and 17.09.22 ~89°Oe / 1.1 Kg/m2
  • Pur Jus – free of any additives or sulfites (contains only naturally-present, trace amounts of sulfites)
Bottle of 750 ml. Technical cork